Garner Displays and a new doorway
The Garner is the top floor of the mill where the grains bins feeding the hoppers above the millstones were originally located. The central walkway above the Garner was used to store the sacks of grain, lifted up from the Stone Floor by the Sack Hoist, before being tipped into a grain bin, then down a chute into the hopper above the stones for milling.

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Displayed in the Garner is a small collection of model windmills showing some of the various types that originally existed around the country, many of them now lost. Opposite is the Display of Cereals that shows  the evolution of wheat and a selection of other cereals with examples of the grain.
On a lower section of the central walkway leading to the Emergency Exit door, visitors can view the reconstructed Miller's Workshop that contains many of the tools and items that were used by the previous millers. There is also the Miller's Store, a collection of items rescued from the old stable and cowshed and from around the Mill or kindly donated by visitors. Frequently heard is "We used to have one of those".
During major alterations in the 1870s/1880s, the internal waterwheels were replaced by a single overshot waterwheel housed in an external wheelhouse and capable of driving the two pairs of relocated stones. This required the Stone Floor to be raised to give sufficient height to accommodate the machinery installed on the Ground / Machinery Floor. The access doorway at the end of the Stone Floor where sacks of grain were unloaded into the mill and sacks of meal left the mill was up and a new doorway created about 15" higher to match the new level of the raised floor.