Links to other web sites

This page gives links to the web sites of a number of other mill and relevant sites, intended to provide a starting place from which to explore the web.

Windmill World - a good starting point with links to many others web pages.

Midlands Wind and Water Mills Group

Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Sarehole Mill - Birmingham's only other water mill - at Hall Green, Birmingham.

John Innes Centre - A link to the home page of the JIC. One section within the JIC is the
Germplasm Resources Unit
(GRU), the source of some material used for wheat displays.

A photograph of wheat field trial plots being harvested by specialised combines that can cut and thresh 1 m wide trial plots, determine the grain moisture and bag the grain is available here.

Birmingham Heritage Forum (download BHF leaflet) - Includes New Hall Mill.

New Hall Valley Country Park - A nature conservation site comprising of 198 acres of green belt land with public access for walkers and cyclists. Car parks are available at some access points.