The Friends of New Hall Mill

Ever wanted to become a miller or to operate a water mill? If so, here's your chance!

The 'Friends of New Hall Mill' are a group of people who maintain the mill and the surrounding areas in a suitable condition for visiting by the public on the regular Open Days. On these, the dates of which are on our Open Days page, they operate the mill, provide guidance and information to the visitors, serve in the tea room and run the produce stall in the Miller's Garden.

For a nominal subscription you will be able to visit the mill throughout the year on the weekly 'work' days. Maybe you are attracted by the old milling machinery and just wish to learn more, or perhaps you would like to assist in their restoration. Do you fancy a spot of light gardening, maybe with a plot of your own in the Miller's Garden? Or just want a day 'away from it all', working in the fresh air! Then why not consider becoming a Friend.

A regular News Magazine is produced and distributed free to Friends.

The normal working days are Thursday of each week, 10 am until 4 pm.

For further information, contact a Friend or come along to a Work Day or an Open Day.