Exhibition and Sales Room
The old stable building has been converted into an Exhibition and Sales Room where various items of milling and general interest are displayed. Some of these, including glass bottles, leather and metal remains, were discovered during an excavation of an area of the mill floor where small piles of rubble kept appearing. The presence of unbroken Codd bottles suggests no children lived at the mill as they would have wanted the glass 'marbles' contained in the neck of the bottles.

A video of the mill in operation is available for viewing by disabled visitors.

The room will be open for viewing until 4 pm. However, please note that Guides
to the Mill, ice creams and other items will only be available for purchase until
3.45 pm. Credit cards are acceptable for payments.
Tea Room (and Toilets)
Originally an open fronted cow house, it now houses the Tea Room where tea, coffee, cooled drinks, cakes and other light refreshments will be available for purchase from 10 am until 3.45 pm. Credit cards are acceptable for payments.

'Drinking-up' time is until the 'Home' bell is rung at 4 pm.

Toilets (including one accessible to disabled visitors) and baby-changing
facilities are located in the same building.
Although there is no charge for car parking or for admission to the mill or gardens,
collection boxes are positioned at various locations. Donations from visitors are
very welcome as the mill depends upon these to assist towards the costs of
maintaining and running the mill for your pleasure and enjoyment.