Cereals at the Mill - 2017

The displays for 2017 will include growing plots of wheat, barley, oats, rye and spelt. Two larger plots of wheat suitable for bread making are also being grown. Once these have been harvested, visitors will be invited to thresh the grain using the old fashioned method of beating with flails. After winnowing to remove any stalks and chaff, the cleaned grain will be milled using the quern in the mill. It is hoped that enough flour can be produced to bake some small bread loaves.
Information on the displays that have been grown in previous years is available by selecting the appropriate link on this page.

Varieties of Bread Wheat

A selection of six varieties to show variations in plant height and the colour and type of the seed spike or ear.

Crop Rotation

A display of the traditional Norfolk four-course crop rotation of clover, wheat, turnips and barley.

Common Cereals

Some information on the common cereals of wheat, barley and oats, and on the more uncommon rye and spelt.

The Evolution of Wheat

A guide to the evolution of modern wheat from the early wild wheat and goat grasses.

Wheats of the World

Information on some of the rarer species of wheat that were more commonly grown around the world.

The Role of Genes in Modern Bread Wheat

A description of how height reducing genes have been used to produce the shorter modern wheat.