Varieties of Bread Wheat

A selection of six wheat varieties showing variations in plant height, ear type, presence or absence of awns and colour of the mature grain.
1 = "Solstice". A short, widely grown British variety producing grain that is suitable for a bread-making flour.

2 = "Soissons". A short early maturing French awned variety from the 1970's, but prone to late frosts.

3 = An old Armenian variety that can grow up to five feet high.

4 = "Maris Widgeon". A moderately-tall variety that was favoured for thatching and making corn 'dollies'.

5 = "Redfast". A tall British heritage variety with the ears and mature grain having a darker 'tanned' appearance, known as 'red'.

6 = "Bearded Red". A tall British heritage, similar to "Redfast" in colour but with awns.
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Growing Maturing Ripened Ripe ears
Plant height = height of plant at maturity, either short or tall.
Ear = compact ears are the usual type; 'lax' have the flower heads spaced along the ear.
Awns = presence or absence of awns on the ears, 'bearded' wheat having awns.
Colour = colour of the mature grain; 'white' is light brown, 'red' is a darker brown.

The information displayed on the wheat varieties display board is available as a 'pdf' file.