Miller's Store

A selection of items rescued from the old cowsheds and stable block before their renovation, from around the Mill or donated by visitors are now exhibited in the Miller's Store. A paraffin oil heater and lamp on top of a cupboard flank an iron ladle used when melting lead. A fretwork support hangs over the edge of the bench surrounded by a mixture of tools and other items. Grease guns lay on the bench next to an unreturned railway sack, and pieces of leather belting, a hank of rope and a tilley lamp hang from the roof beams.

The miller was obviously also a cobbler, using portions of leather belting and a cobblers last for repairs. On the floor under the bench are a chick feeder, a watering can and a drinking fountain from the cowshed where a chicken's nesting box was found. A 'dolly tub' and 'dolly' are in the foreground, in front of an upholsterers workbox displaying the contents with a foot bellows to one side. Standing by the wall are a honey extractor drum, a double-ended saw, a wide fork, with a scythe and various oddments hanging from the rack above. On the bench are a primus stove, an earthenware hot-water bottle, some scales and a hand cranked plate grinding mill for grinding wheat.