The "Eureka Aspirating Separator" is installed on the Garner floor and is used on Open Days for initial grain cleaning.

It was made in America in about 1905 by S. Howes of Silver Creek, New York, it was imported and installed in Rock Mill
at Leamington Spa, near Warwick.

After closure of the mill, it was transferred to New Hall Mill and located in one corner of the Garner. A new grain hopper has been constructed, filled from the Garner walkway with grain lifted from the ground floor by the Sack Hoist.

It is powered via a line shaft, pulleys and a canvas belt from
the ground floor and is, apart from the millstones, the only machine to be powered by the Waterwheel. The belt drives
a large internal fan to produce a strong updraft of air
through the machine.

When the hopper lever is operated, grain from the hopper falls through the upward flowing air current for an initial cleaning. The 'stives', consisting of the chaff and any other light rubbish, are sucked away from the grain as it falls
through the machine. Some are retained in a central waste section of the machine but the lighter portions pass
through the fan and are collected in the 'stive room', a separate area enclosed by sacking (not shown in the picture).

Requests for more grain to be tipped into the Aspirator hopper can be made by the operator of the Winnower on the Stone Floor. The handle on a cord is pulled to ring a bell in the Garner, hopefully to be followed by the sound of
partially cleaned grain entering the small storage bin above the Winnower. The grain can then be released into the Winnower hopper as required for additional cleaning and sieving.