New Hall Mill website

When the New Hall Mill website was initially created in 2004, the resolution of monitors was much lower
than we are now using, typically 1024 x 768 pixels. The 800 x 600 pixel web pages produced a page that
covered a large proportion of the monitor screen. Monitors have now increased in size and resolution
so that when they display the early web pages, the pages appear reduced in size and cover a smaller
proportion of the monitor screen. This led to several comments about their size.

In an attempt to overcome this problem, the pages have been recreated in a larger 1200 x 760 pixel size,
a time-consuming task that requires rewriting the web code that creates the pages and changing image
sizes. The primary pages accessed by the buttons on the left side of the page have been completed
with most of the following linked pages. Any outstanding pages will be converted as time permits.

Some old pages had photographs taken many years ago that had to be updated to the present conditions.

  The conversion to the new larger format has involved creating or updating approximately :
    87 pages of web code to create the larger web pages. (some several times until displaying correctly !)
   150  images including 114 photographs, 23 diagrams and 13 'graphic links' used in the web pages.
    85 photographs with 85 corresponding miniature images used in the Picture Gallery.

  Although some photographs and diagrams may appear to be the same as in earlier web versions,
    all the originals had to be found and rescaled and the diagrams redrawn for the new larger format.
  Some of the photographs were taken over 22 years ago with a SLR 35 mm camera for colour prints.
  Additional web pages and photographs will be needed to cater for the events when they are known.