The Diesel Engine

The engine is a twin-cylinder Ruston Hornsby diesel engine purchased by the miller, Ben Davis, from the Royal Show at Shrewsbury in 1949. It was the 'show model' of the year, delivered to the mill from the Company's Boulton Works in Lincoln in September 1949. The engine is located where the northern waterwheel once existed so that intermediate shafts and a series of belts are required to drive the machinery. The black belt on the left is from the diesel engine, with the belt on the right driving the horizontal overhead shaft. This then drives the Combined Milling Machine and the Sack Hoist, also a grinding wheel that could be used for sharpening the mill-bills used for dressing millstones. Alternatively, by changing the belting, the diesel engine could be used to drive a saw bench or the hammer mill, seen on the left of the black belt, that the last miller used for his part-time work of grist milling. The belts from the diesel engine and to the overhead shaft are twisted to give a greater contact area on the pulley wheels to reduce slipage.