Illustrated Guide to New Hall Water Mill

This third edition of the guide to the mill is now illustrated by 16 photographs, many of them in colour, together with seven black and white line diagrams. Starting with a short foreword, it continues with a brief history of the mill, it's restoration and the outside buildings. This is followed by details related to the water supply, including the problems in maintaining the supply, and the waterwheel.

A description of the inside of the mill describes the various items of milling machinery that can be found on the ground or Machinery Floor, the first or Stone Floor and the second floor or Garner. Diagrams show how the waterwheel and gearing convert the power of the water into the rotation of the millstones and how the miller could vary the quality of the meal these produced. There is a section giving details of the dressing of the millstones, including a photograph of a surviving millstone dressing machine. An annotated line diagram shows the location of the milling machinery in the mill , followed by a glossary of the machines. The guide ends with a poem written by a past miller and a map of the mill and surrounding area.

Copies of this guide may be purchased in the Exhibition Room on Open Days.