The Miller's Workshop

A Miller's Workshop has been reconstructed in the Garner exhibition area. Many of the items on display have been transferred from the mill workshop and would have been used by the past millers of New Hall Mill while others have been donated by visitors.

Millers had to be adept at many skills besides milling, in order to keep the mill running, and the millers at New Hall Mill were no exception. When the waterwheel shaft broke, the miller simply 'set-to' and repaired it himself, and it is still working many years later.

In these pictures, a 'stone nut' with wooden teeth set in a cast iron frame rests in the middle of the workbench. Against the left wall are a hand-cranked pillar drill and a board with wrenches. Various tools are scattered around the workbench while above, hanging from the roof, is a belt strainer, used when fitting new belts, and a roll of leather belting. On the right wall, saws hang from a rack; another rests in the wooden frame below, set up ready for sharpening. Elsewhere are wooden planes, drill braces and bits, a paraffin blowlamp, soldering irons and G-clamps.