The Miller's Store

A selection of items rescued from the old cowsheds and stable block before their renovation and from around the Mill are now exibited in the Miller's Store. You might find yourself telling a friend "We used to have one of those!" or even "We've still got one like that!". A paraffin oil heater and lamp on top of a cupboard flank an iron ladle used when melting lead. A fretwork support hangs over the edge of the bench surrounded by a mixture of tools and other items. Grease guns lay on the bench next to an unreturned railway sack, and pieces of leather belting, a hank of rope and a tilley lamp hang from the roof beams.

The miller was obviously also a cobbler, using portions of leather belting and a cobblers last for repairs. On the floor under the bench are a chick feeder, a water trough and a drinking fountain from the cowshed where a nesting box was also found. A carpet sweeper rests against the bench while a foot bellows stands in the middle of the floor. Standing by the wall are a honey extractor drum, a double-ended saw, a wide fork, a leek planting tool and a besom brush, with a scythe, an axe, a long cleaning brush and various oddments hanging from the rack above.